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Please read the terms and conditions. You are required to accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page before being able to make use of the Student Portal.

1. Usage

1.1 Your use of this and other websites of the Institute For Open Learing (IOL) is subject to the terms and conditions as set out below, including, but not limited to the documents that are referred to in some of the clauses.
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1.3 By using these websites, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by and comply with them.

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4. Electronic communications

4.1 When you visit the IOL website and during that visit complete a web form to request information or when you send an e-mail to IOL, and do not explicitly request a non-electronic communication medium, you consent to receiving communications from IOL electronically and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications sent by IOL satisfy any legal requirements, including, but not limited to the requirement that such communications should be "in writing".
4.2 You acknowledge and accept that the action to click on specified buttons on certain web forms on the IOL sites may constitute an expression of intent or other statement.

5. Linking and framing

5.1 Hyperlinks provided on IOL sites to other sites are provided as is and IOL does not necessarily agree with, edit or sponsor the content on such web pages. IOL disclaims any responsibility for the materials contained in such linked websites. You may use the online feedback form to notify IOL of any content on such linked sites that may be offensive or illegal.
5.2 It is expressly prohibited for any person, business, entity or website to represent any page on this website, including the home page, in any way whatsoever, such as framing, on their website so that it appears to be their own information.

6. Using search technology

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7. Disclaimer

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7.2 These websites are supplied on an "as is" basis and the user agrees that the sites are used at own risk. These sites have not been compiled or supplied to meet the user's individual requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the user to satisfy himself or herself that the service available from and through these websites will meet the user's individual requirements and will be compatible with the user's hardware and/or software.
7.3 Information, ideas and opinions expressed on this site should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of IOL unless the contrary is expressly indicated.
7.4 All items purchased from IOL, including study material, are made pursuant to agreements with shipping, delivery or transmission agents and risk of loss pass from IOL to such agents upon delivery of any item to such carrier.
7.5 Neither IOL nor any of its agents or representatives shall be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use any product sold on this website.
7.6 IOL does not screen or edit all the content, including postings of any kind, on the various University sites and does not accept any liability for illegal, defamatory or obscene content. You are encouraged to use the online feedback form to notify IOL of any content that may be offensive or illegal.
7.7 No information or data on this web site is an offer to do business, but is merely an invitation to do business.
7.8 No agreements shall be concluded merely by sending a data message to IOL. Valid agreements require an acceptance of an offer from IOL.
7.9 No e-mail message shall be deemed to have been received by the institution until the complete data message enters the IOL mail server and is capable of being retrieved and processed by the addressee.

8. Description of main characteristics of goods and services

The study opportunities and other goods and services that IOL offer are stated on various web pages on the IOL sites. The information provided on such pages are subject to change in terms of section 17.1. Follow the quick links on the home page to "study info" and "services and facilities" for more detail.

9. Fees and other costs

9.1 The fees, relevant levies and other costs for study units (courses, modules and programmes) and prices, taxes and shipping costs for other products of IOL are stated on various web pages on the IOL sites. These amounts are subject to change in terms of section 17.1.
9.2 No VAT is payable on study fees or international orders for other products or services.
9.3 Import duties may be payable by recipients of goods in foreign countries. IOL does not have knowledge of and therefore does not provide information on such levies.

10. Deliveries and other service levels

10.1 Undergraduate registrations will be effected within 30 days after receipt of an application unless otherwise agreed. The turnaround time for admission to and registration for postgraduate studies is not guaranteed due to, inter alia, the complexities of the admissions process, including the verification of credentials.
10.2 The delivery times for study material, library material and other auxiliary goods will be effected within 30 days after receipt of an application, request or order, subject to seasonal peaks and/or delays at customs.

11. Payment methods

11.1 Only requests for credit card payments are accepted via the IOL websites. These requests are processed offline at a later stage.
11.2 Various other offline payment options, such as direct bank deposits and cheque payments, are available to prospective students and the buyers of other products.

12. Terms of agreement and guarantees

12.1 The terms, rules and regulations, including but not limited to cancellations and refunds, that apply when a person registers as a student at IOL are presented in the University Calendars and other information brochures.
12.2 The terms of agreement for other transactions, such as the borrowing or purchasing of books, are presented on the relevant web pages.
12.3 If a user is not satisfied with goods purchased from IOL, he/she may or may not return such goods as specified on the relevant order form on the site, subject to the cooling off period of 7 days after the date of the receipt of such goods.
12.4 If IOL supplies the wrong product or if the product is in any way faulty or damaged, IOL will exchange it for the correct one. IOL will make a reasonable effort to exchange the product, but if replacement is not possible, IOL will refund the purchase price including delivery cost within 30 days.
12.5 If the user is not satisfied with his/her choice and the product is still in mint condition, the user may return it and IOL will refund the purchase price - excluding delivery costs within 30 days.
12.6 Note that once opened, the following types of goods will not be accepted for a refund and will only be replaced with another copy of the same product: audio tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs and computer software.
12.7 The terms of agreement will apply for the period that a person is a registered student at IOL or until other transactions, such as the purchasing or borrowing of goods from IOL, has been concluded according to the terms that apply to such transactions.

13. Severability

13.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between IOL and you, the user of this web site. Any failure by IOL to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall in no way constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
13.2 In the event that any term or condition of the use of this website is not fully enforceable or valid for any reason, such term(s) or condition(s) shall be severable from the remaining terms and conditions. The remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected by such unenforceability or invalidity and shall remain enforceable and applicable.

14. Governing law

14.1 This site is hosted, controlled and operated from Namibia and therefore governed by Namibian law, subject to the terms of Public International Law.

15. Privacy

15.1 IOL is committed to protecting our users’ privacy.
15.2 IOL only collects personal information when users provide such information voluntarily, e.g. when they wish to register for studies at the University, when they register to use the online services of the University or when they request information and wish to receive such information via e-mail.
15.3 In some cases non-personal information, such as the user’s domain and IP-address is stored on the user’s computer as a cookie-file and in a statistics file on the web sever. This information is used to improve the service offered to users.
15.4 The collected personal information is stored in databases to which access is strictly controlled and only staff, who in the course of their duties need to have access to such information.
15.5 No personal information about a user will be disclosed to third parties without the user’s permission or due process.
15.6 By using this website, the user consents to the following:
15.6.1 IOL may use personal information about the user to communicate with the user from time to time.
15.6.2 IOL may use the user’s information for non-personal statistical purposes.

16. Security

16.1 All reasonable steps will be taken to secure a user’s information
16.2 Users undertake not to divulge their usernames and passwords to any other person.
16.3 It is expressly prohibited for any person, business, or entity to gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any information on this website, or to deliver or attempt to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this website. Any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this website or attempts to gain unauthorised access to any page on this website shall be held criminally liable, and in the event that IOL should suffer any damage or loss, civil damages will be claimed.
16.4 All requests for credit card payments are encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. The company registration documents and the site's registered domain name are checked and verified by Verisign.

17. Changes and amendments

17.1 IOL expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to alter and/or amend any criteria, information, prices and rates quoted on its websites without prior notice.
17.2 IOL may, in its sole discretion, change the terms and conditions of using its websites at any time without prior notice.

18. Disputes

18.1 In the event of any dispute of any nature whatsoever arising between the parties on any matter provided for in, or arising out of this agreement, the Namibian law will apply and the appropriate courts of Namibia will have jurisdiction. 

19. Term and termination

19.1 This agreement shall commence when the user starts using the IOL websites and continues indefinitely until terminated by IOL in terms of clause 17 hereto or for any other reason.


Curbing/managing examination stress and examination techniques Introduction Many students experience stress as examinations draws nearer and sometimes this stress may cause a person to suffer from what is commonly known or referred to as a panic attack. Exam stress is an unfortunate part of life for many in educational institutions. Students getting ready for exams often feel a lot of pressure, which can result in nervousness and anxiety What is Examination stress? • Examination stress encompass: • Extreme worry about upcoming exams • Fear of being evaluated • Nervousness about the consequences • Examination stress is experienced by many students and it can happen to anyone. It is • not strange or difficult to understand, however it is controllable by following a plan of techniques Symptoms of Examination Stress Physical Symptoms • Tremors • Sweating • Dry mouth • Nausea • Rapid heart beat • “Butterflies in the stomach” Behavioural and Cognitive Symptoms • Avoidance of exam situations • Exam stress can get so severe that it leads to the student dropping out of school entirely just to avoid testing • “Blanking out” • Trouble concentrating Emotional Symptoms • Low self esteem • Anger • Depression • Feelings of despair • Feeling a sense of inability to do anything about your situation, so you may criticize or belittle yourself about your performance and feelings. Causes of examination stress Examinations stress may sometimes be instigated by the expectations of parents, family members and tutors to pass the examinations. Students want to impress and please everyone surrounding them and in the process place a great deal of pressure on themselves A certain fraction of exam stress can come from within the student themselves. The pressure to do well does not only come from the educational institution and family environments; if the student is afraid of perceived failure, a bad grade on an exam may be the realization of their greatest fear. If they dwell on the exam’s difficulty, and worrying about their grade, they will almost certainly feel more stress. If a student feels as if they haven’t prepared for the exam sufficiently, they can come in on test day with a threatening feeling. There are four main areas which can contribute to your exam anxiety: Lifestyle issues • Inadequate rest • Poor nutrition • Insufficient exercise • Not scheduling available time • Not prioritising commitments Information needs • Academic information such as course requirements, lecturers' expectations, exam dates and testing location • Knowledge of how to apply anxiety reduction techniques while studying before an exam Studying styles Studying styles that are: • Inefficient, inconsistent content coverage • Trying to memorize the textbook • All-night studying before exams • Ineffective: reading without understanding; cannot recall the material; not making revision notes; not revising Psychological factors • Feeling little or no control over the exam situation • Negative thinking and self-criticism • Irrational thinking about exams and outcomes: "If I don't pass, my (family/partner/boss) will lose respect for me/I’ll lose my job!“ • Irrational demands "I have to get at least a Merit or I am worthless.“ • Catastrophic predictions "I'll fail no matter what I do—there’s no point." The advantage of examination stress While a small amount of pressure or stress can be motivational, a tiny bit of nervousness can actually enhance performance. Curbing/Managing examination stress and effective exam techniques If left untreated, exam stress can interfere in a person’s day-to-day functioning therefore incorporating effective examination techniques to manage it may help students to regulate anxiety levels better To curb this source of stress, the student should study well ahead of time and not procrastinate. Also, if the exam-taker does not get enough sleep the night before, they will feel additional stress. General exam stress alleviation tips include: • ?Believe in yourself • ?Don't try to be perfect • ?Take steps to overcome problems – e.g ask for help if you need it • ?Don't keep things bottled up- e.g talk to someone you trust about how you feel • ?Keep things in perspective- it is not the end of the world your exams make up a fraction of your entire life, take a positive outlook on it • ?Plan your study time- Draw up a schedule that makes provision for ample study time as well as relaxation time • ?Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle- Eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of rest • ?Get accurate information. Check your course syllabus/scopes and get an understanding of the grading procedure. Knowing the material will reduce your anxiety over the unexpected. If you don’t understand, ASK. Well before the exam, make sure you know the venue, the start time and the duration of the exam. And what needs to be brought to the examination session. • ?Get yourself into exam mode-Practice on sample tests in the textbook or study guide. Look at past exams papers • ?Avoid bad things- Give coffee and other stimulants a miss the night before the exam or on the day of the exam. Avoid anxious or talkative students. Avoid other people or things that may disturb your self-confidence • ?Develop a method for studying the notes you take in class, as they often form the backbone of most exams. If you wait until the day before the test to read your notes, it will be all but impossible to retain that information • ?Leave plenty of time to revise- Procrastinating will leave you with less time for revision and this will result in you having to cram the revision into a short period. ? Be at the venue half an hour early to settle in and give yourself time to calm down before the examination. Avoid arriving late. • D-DAY (Day of the examination) ? If you start to panic during the exam the quickest and most effective way to eliminate feelings of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. ? Remember that the invigilator is there to assist you (for instance, if you have a problem with distracting noises inside or outside of the examination room) ? Read the instructions carefully and make sure that you understand what is expected of you • Pace yourself- Do not rush through the exam, but always make sure you know how much time you have available After the exam Reward yourself-Go and do something more enjoyable. Whatever you do, don't spend endless time criticising yourself for where you think you went wrong. Congratulate yourself for the things you did right. Conclusion Examinations are not the end of the world and you can overcome it. Just ensure that you follow the techniques that work well for you and make the best of your examination experience as it in the end contributes to your educational upliftment and success in life. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear DPPE students, the general examination table is now available on the student portal. Please retrieve it under the "web study" tab on the course information folder.
Dear DPPE students: IOL realized that many of you submitted assignments for Mother tongue in English while registered for a different mother tongue. IOL regrets to inform you that you will unfortunately receive your assignment back unmarked. Please redo the assignment in the mother tongue you registered for and submit it for the due date 15 June 2014. Please call Abel at 061-275 4301 for more information


DPPE students: Please take serious attention to the following subject codes for Mother tongue 1: DPP-MT1Eng (English), DPP-MT1Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT1Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT1Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT1Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT1Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT1Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Mother Tongue 2: DPP-MT2Eng (English), DPP-MT2Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT2Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT2Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT2Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT2Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT2Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Mother Tongue 3: DPP-MT3Eng (English), DPP-MT3Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT3Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT3Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT3Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT3Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT3Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Please make sure that you use this subject codes correctly on your assignments and Examination scripts, depending on the mother tongue you are registered for, or any where you are expected to list them.
Dear IOL students. Please ensure that you include your real names and student number or id numbers when requesting for help from IOL. It will be easier for the staff to render assistance when these details are included. Enjoy the student portal and good luck with your studies.
DPPE students: Be reminded that you should complete 60% (7 subjects/modules), of your first year modules for you to be allowed to continue to year 2. Some of you will realize that no marks were received for year 2 assignments. This is because you did not qualify for year 2 yet.. Please contact Abel for more information
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