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Dear Students. The August examinations will be starting on the 16th August 2014 to the 30th August 2014. Kindly prepare yourselves very well to ace these examinations and proceed to the next academic year. • Believe in yourself • Get enough rest Plan your study time- • Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle • Get accurate information Develop a method for studying Leave plenty of time to revise Good luck with your examinations.
Dear DPPE students: IOL realized that many of you submitted assignments for Mother tongue in English while registered for a different mother tongue. IOL regrets to inform you that you will unfortunately receive your assignment back unmarked. Please redo the assignment in the mother tongue you registered for and submit it for the due date 15 June 2014. Please call Abel at 061-275 4301 for more information


Dear DPPE student: It is a requirement that both DPP-CL11 assignments be typed. IOL regrets to inform you that your assignment will be nullified if it is not typed... Please call Abel at 061-275 4301 for more information...
DPPE students: Please take serious attention to the following subject codes for Mother tongue 1: DPP-MT1Eng (English), DPP-MT1Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT1Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT1Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT1Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT1Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT1Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Mother Tongue 2: DPP-MT2Eng (English), DPP-MT2Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT2Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT2Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT2Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT2Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT2Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Mother Tongue 3: DPP-MT3Eng (English), DPP-MT3Osk (Oshikwanyama), DPP-MT3Osd (Oshindonga), DPP-MT3Otj (Otjiherero), DPP-MT3Sil (Silozi), DPP-MT3Ruk (Rukwangali) and DPP-MT3Kho (Khoekhoegowab)----------- Please make sure that you use this subject codes correctly on your assignments and Examination scripts, depending on the mother tongue you are registered for, or any where you are expected to list them.
Dear IOL students. Please ensure that you include your real names and student number or id numbers when requesting for help from IOL. It will be easier for the staff to render assistance when these details are included. Enjoy the student portal and good luck with your studies.
DPPE students: Be reminded that you should complete 60% (7 subjects/modules), of your first year modules for you to be allowed to continue to year 2. Some of you will realize that no marks were received for year 2 assignments. This is because you did not qualify for year 2 yet.. Please contact Abel for more information
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